Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

Wie die Meisten von euch bereits wissen habe ich in meinen drei Wochen Liverpool erst zwei der beruechtigten 285 Regentage (oder waren es zweihundertsächsdächts-dägedäg? ;)) mit erlebt.

Nun gut, die Sonne scheint und scheint, als ob es kein Ende nehmen will. Mir gefällts. (:

Ansonsten werde ich morgen eine Tour durch Woolton machen. Der kleine Anhaengsel an Liverpool City ist der Ort an dem die vier Beatles aufgewachsen sind.

Mit Penny Lane, Mendips und allem drum und dran.

Ausserdem werde ich ja bereits naechste Woche wieder einen kleinen Abstecher in die Heimat machen, um den letzten Teil meiner Aufnahmepruefung zu absolvieren.

Wer mich dann nochmals sehen will, muss sich melden 😉

Der Rest von euch darf mir Glueck fuer die Pruefung wuenschen(:



3 Antworten zu “Sun, sun, sun, here it comes…

  1. Hello Britta!
    It’s good to read your news from Liverpool. Nearly every day!!! (well, it’s almost keeping a diary about Liverpool …!!! It sounds very, very good and I can somehow feel, that you’re having a great time in this Beatles’ City! That’s really great and I may think, that all those who know you, are as happy as you are when they read your comments. You keep us informed of all the important things that happen in and out of the Merseyside. When I keep reading your nearly “daily reports”, I feel more and more acquainted with the city and its people, and somehow I have sometimes the impression that I have already been in Liverpool before, or at least for a long, long time! Well, that was probably a long time ago, when I went to the Kindergarten with John, Paul and Ringo, but that was for sure a long time ago, I really forgot already that crazy time …!!!
    Maggie, Alexander and the “honourable” Honor are really part of your family since the very beginning! I think you’re very lucky with this family and I am happy for you too as you deserve it.
    Well Maggie is supporter from Everton, The Toffees, (with Senderos) instead of FC Liverpool, The Reds,… never mind, Liverpool is still 8 points ahead in the Premier League!!! Degen? Well, she is right! He is really useless! He only gets paid and that’s all! He might be going back to Basel soon. There, they won’t notice that he can’t play football! 
    In a few days you’ll be back home for a couple of days to sit your exam. Wish you all the best then. As you’ll be very busy during that time, give me call if you have time.
    Cheerio Britta, till next time. Have a good time in Liverpool (you’re already enjoying it!!!) and regards to your English family.
    José (Bodo)… 

    • Hiya José!
      Thank you for your comment.
      Yeah, I believe you when you say your Kindergarten -time was a crazy time. With all that people you met there (:
      I’ll give you a call next week when I’m in Naenikon, so we can posibly meet.
      See you soon.
      And love from my family and me here in Liverpool.

  2. Hi Britta!
    Thanks for you speedy answer! MY Kindergarten… that was a really great and crazy time :-)) I would be very happy if you just give a short ring, if you can, as you might be very busy. If not, it doesn’t matter. Take it easy.
    Bye, Joselito

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